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Funqy HTTP Binding with Azure Functions

You can use Funqy HTTP on Azure Functions. This allows you to invoke on multiple Funqy functions using HTTP deployed as one Azure Function.

The Funqy HTTP + Azure Functions binding is not a replacement for REST over HTTP. Because Funqy needs to be portable cross a lot of different protocols and function providers its HTTP binding is very minimalistic and you will lose REST features like linking and the ability to leverage HTTP features like cache-control and conditional GETs. You may want to consider using Quarkus’s Jakarta REST, Spring MVC, or Vert.x Web Reactive Route support instead. They also work with Quarkus and Azure Functions.

Essa tecnologia é considerada preview.

In preview, backward compatibility and presence in the ecosystem is not guaranteed. Specific improvements might require changing configuration or APIs, and plans to become stable are under way. Feedback is welcome on our mailing list or as issues in our GitHub issue tracker.

Para obter uma lista completa de possíveis status, consulte nosso FAQ.

Follow the Azure Functions HTTP Guide. It walks through using a variety of HTTP frameworks on Azure Functions. Including Funqy.

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