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Quarkus Newsletter #30 - March

It’s time for the March newletter so you can read the latest articles, blogs and insights on Quarkus. Get a deeper understanding of what developers can expect in the final version 3.0 with this InfoQ article "Road to Quarkus 3: Bets on the Flow API for Mutiny 2.0, Updates to Jakarta Namespace and More" by Olimpiu Pop. Explore the capabilities of Quarkus and find out how Quarkus helps Java to meet evolving needs with "Supersonic Subatomic Java with Quarkus" by Akila Weeratunga. Learn what Eclipse JKube Remote Development is and how it can help developers build Kubernetes-native applications with Quarkus in Eric Deandrea’s article, "Kubernetes-Native Development With Quarkus and Eclipse JKube". Delve into the Funqy extension of the Quarkus framework with baudlung. Explore the significance of the terms "native" and "reactive" and why they have become so essential int Ashok Gudise’s blog "Think Reactive and Native With Quarkus, Kotlin, and GraphQL". Learn how the open source library JPAStreamer makes the process of writing Hibernate queries more intuitive and less time-consuming, while leaving your existing codebase intact in Julia Gustafsson’s article "Express Hibernate Queries as Type-Safe Java Streams".

You will also see the latest Quarkus Insights episodes, top tweets and upcoming Quarkus attended events.

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