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Quarkus Newsletter #25 - October

It’s that time of the month…​ time for the latest Quarkus newsletter! "Tutorial: Build a Quarkus web app with Azure App Service on Linux and PostgreSQL" walks you through the process of building, configuring, deploying, and scaling Java web apps on Azure. Vamil Kumar’s article; "Service discovery using SmallRye Stork with Quarkus" discusses how Smallrye Stork helps you with both service discovery and selection of microservices. Learn how to easily deploy and run serverless functions from the open source project Knative Quarkus Bench on IBM Cloud Code Engine in Scott Trent’s "Using Knative Quarkus Bench to Perform Serverless Experiments on IBM Cloud Code Engine". Lastly, check out Pierre Guimon’s great "Quarkus fundamentals" which gives you an overview of Quarkus framework, as well as explaining its interactions with GraalVM. Piotr Minkowski discusses how the Quarkus framework handles Java Virtual threads in "Quarkus with Java Virtual Threads".

You will also see the latest Quarkus Insights episodes, top tweets and upcoming Quarkus attended events.

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