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Posts by Max Rydahl Andersen

Posts by Max Rydahl Andersen

Danish guy enjoying working on open source software. Making things happen at Red Hat as Distinguished Engineer. Currently works on Quarkus. Worked before as manager and technical lead of, JBoss Tools and Developer Studio. In past also involved in Hibernate, WildFly, Seam and more.


We intend to move Quarkus to a foundation to accelerate the adoption rate, enhance transparency, foster collaboration, and encourage multi-vendor participation and execution.

Recently, we've made a decision to rename several Quarkus extensions that previously included the word "reactive" in their names. This blog post aims to shed light on the reasoning behind this change and what it means for you as a user and/or extension author.

Quarkus 3.7 will move Quarkus to use Java 17 as the minimal JDK

We are introducing Quarkus Long Term Support releases, Quarkus 3.2.x will be the first.

This version is the second biggest update with major impact for Quarkus 3 - upgrading Hibernate ORM 5 to Hibernate ORM 6.

Starting Quarkus 3

Quarkus 3 is coming with new features and a move to Jakarta named APIs.

The Quarkus community are localizing the website in multiple languages.

Next Monday (July 25.), we will do Quarkus Insights based on your questions.

Ask (Quark)us anything!

Next Monday (Jan 17.), we will do Quarkus Insights based on your questions.

Quarkus is not affected by CVE-2021-44228.